In light of global events with corona virus, our first priority at AGT&T is making efforts to arrest the spread of the virus.

Corona Virus Pandemic Important Goal: Its Time to Re-Think on Basic Procurement Principal.

All our team members and associates have started working from home.We have asked our teams to refrain from travel, strictly practice social distancing, and follow the CDC’s guidelines on hygiene and preventative measures.

Our sincere heartfelt wishes go out to everybody who is impacted by corona virus all over the world right now those on the front-lines, those who are experiencing health issues, those who have lost someone, and to those who are struggling through economic hardship.

We had witnessing the struggle of the 2008 crash caused by economic conditions. Money was the key factor back then for survival.  We had successfully passed the economic meltdown and now during Corona virus pandemic we have a mission to help companies control costs and plan for the future.

Our intention is to protect the livelihood of people so that they would never be negatively influenced by the lack of a company’s spend controls and oversight. During this difficult time, we hope we can rely on each other for support.

We recognize that everyone is facing new challenges. Businesses and individuals are struggling. Some teams are working remotely for the first time. Others are experiencing challenges of communicating and aligning with newly distributed teams. Companies are looking for ways to optimize every euro and cut unnecessary spending.

At AGT&T today we are committed to helping companies run their businesses effectively in the new economy post Covid2019. We are helping organizations implement immediate solutions for spend management and savings in procurement  so they can stay ahead of uncertainty and be ready for new challenges that may be ahead.

To our existing customers and partners

We are dedicated to you more than ever. Be absolutely assured that during this time, our customer support and services will not be hindered. You can reach out for any procurement or other services. If we can be of help in any way, please schedule time in our calendars.

To our procurement & supply chain community

In the next few weeks, we plan on creating more teams for procurement on effective remote work processes and optimal digital tools to use with your teams. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Covid19 pandemic has changed the state of business and shifted the way we live our lives. It’s a unique and complex time for all of us.  We are always committed to supporting our team members, our customers, our partners, and contributing to fighting this global pandemic.

Don’t Stop Selling Because of Coronavirus

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