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We partner with companies to Outsource procurement and supply chain and further develop procurement functions within their organization quickly to drive savings, maximize profits and structure processes & expertise using our vast experience.

We Manage Procurement of All Sizes

We use our considerable procurement field experience and expertise in areas such as, health, engineering, commodities and many other categories, to support our partners worldwide with top sourcing


Our approach helps global enterprises operate more efficiently and effectively, gain competitive advantage, boost profitability, and maximize business and shareholder value realizing their strategic, operational and financial objectives.

Strategic Procurement

We have strategic sourcing solutions for businesses of all sizes, including the small to mid-market and the large conglomerates.

Why us

Our process develops a secure and responsive supply base that is capable of providing quality, delivery, costs, technologies, flexibility and services to meet the current and future business needs of our clients. ..

Our Services

Procurement Outsourcing

We provide clients a flexible set of procurement outsourcing options, custom configured to meet their specific needs.

Automobile Spares

Die Casting To Manufacturing

The automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component manufacturers in India aspire to achieve global eminence.Identifying which opportunities fit best, and auto component manufacturers. We offer procurement solutions from top automobile manufacturers.

AGRI BUSINESS & Commodities

Impactful Sourcing

Our experts can help agribusinesses increase their efficiency and savings using our expertise in all indirect and direct spend categories. We have the broad knowledge base, market intelligence, and strategic sourcing expertise required to assist agribusiness organizations as they seek additional savings opportunities in their direct and indirect spend categories.

Engineering & Steel Products

Designing to Manufacturing

We have decades of experience working with industrial machinery companies, ranging from largest diversified industrial companies to pure-play systems and component suppliers. We understand the cyclical nature of the industry and its unique challenges. We consistently help our clients optimize their sourcing with design & customized services for their sector.


APIs & Generic Raw Materials

We offer pharmaceutical companies an opportunity to evaluate current purchasing practises and use our resources to supplement internal teams with people, time, technology, and market intelligence. We offer innovative sourcing solutions for our clients, including numerous generic and branded pharmaceutical companies.


High Quality Sourcing

Increase in popularity and usage of herbal medicines is evident in the global market. Herbal medicines, including finished herbal products such as medicinal plants, herbal preparations and herbal dosage forms, are moving into international commerce and global trade we deal with regulatory authorities Correct identification of source plant species and the selection of appropriate parts for use in herbal medicines ensuring safety, quality and efficacy of herbal medicines.

Marketing and Distribution

Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate communications and collaborations are critical factors for thriving in the fast-paced and nuanced environment of marketing. AGT&T supports marketing and distribution aligned with procurement counterparts as they seek to establish long-term partnerships, a positive ROI, and competitive pricing. Through benchmarking and supplier & category management, we can identify and evaluate the right campaigns and creative agencies that can provide value to your brands and organization.

Key Services Overview

Customer Benchmarking

We possess the dedicated resources and time to create a benchmark report with tailor-made recommendations.

Supplier Relationship Management

We have experience and expertise to develop and refine a formal Supplier Relationship Management program. All you need is to partner with the right expertise, who can customize the program to your industry, requirements, and market.

Strategic Sourcing for Direct Spend

We have the expertise and market intelligence to support and manage spend for raw materials and customer-facing services.

Low Cost Country Sourcing

We have the right resources and partnerships to help you save time and money in strategic sourcing from low cost countries with incremental savings. Research says best-in-class procurement organizations source at least 20 percent of their enterprise spend from low-cost countries.

Cost Reduction Initiatives

You pay on performance, not projection.Our contingency (gain sharing) cost model provides you a no-risk solution. Under our contingency plan, you don’t pay until you see savings that affect your bottom line.

Win-Win Contract Negotiations

Poor contract management results in maverick buying and lead your company to accept them at non-competitive rates. Our contract management specialists are prepared to help you focus negotiation efforts and – if necessary – seek out alternative vendors.



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